Ruach Wellness Centre offers intensive and personalized treatment programmes that are designed to help our clients:

  • break free from the destructive cycle of addiction
  • build the solid foundation for a drug and
    alcohol-free future

Who Are We

Ruach Wellness Centre is a specialist recovery centre treating alcohol and drug dependence. Located south of Johannesburg in the quiet village of Meyerton, our centre provides a haven for those seeking to overcome substance addiction and get their lives back.
If you are caught in the downward spiral of drug or alcohol addiction or forced to watch someone you love go through it, you will agree that it impacts every aspect of your life.
If not stopped in its tracks, addiction has the potential to steal a person’s passion to live a full and fulfilling life. Aside from harming the user physically and psychologically, an addiction will impact their finances, friendships and family relationships. It will even strip away their sense of self-worth.

Our highly-qualified and accredited team is there to provide medical care, behavioural therapies and post-treatment support of the highest quality.
Sometimes we need to be carried. Sometimes we need to walk with our hand being held. Eventually, we will have to walk on our own. But we need never walk alone!


The newly-built Ruach Wellness Centre provides a comfortable, home-away-from-home haven for those who are battling alcohol or drug addiction.
  • Our brand-new facilities include:
  • Medical detox room
  • Treatment rooms
  • Communal dining room
  • Recreational & interactive area
  • Games room (table tennis, billiards and darts)
  • Four men’s dormitories
  • Separate ladies’ dormitory (coming soon)
  • Outdoor relaxation area with garden, swimming pool & volleyball court


Every prospective client is required to undergo a telephonic assessment, to determine whether they are a suitable candidate for the treatment programme.

The assessment will also determine the extent of the addiction, identify co-occurring medical or psychological conditions. If accepted into the programme, a treatment plan will be formulated. A quotation will be prepared, based on the recommended treatment and proposed length of stay.

On Arrival

On arrival at Ruach Wellness Centre, clients first undergo a thorough assessment by a medical practitioner and clinical psychologist before treatment commences.

Our excellent team ensures that every client receives the personalized care and support they need to succeed at the programme. Our therapists, primary healthcare physicians, nurses, counsellors and general staff are all highly qualified and fully accredited.


Medical detox is the process during which all traces of the addictive substance are eliminated from your system. During medical detox, our client’s condition is closely monitored around the clock by highly-trained medical staff. This phase of healing usually takes between 7 to 10 days.

When alcohol or drugs are used continuously over a period of time, the body will eventually build up a tolerance to these substances. This is why more and more of the substance needs to be used to achieve the same effect.

The body will also start to rely on these substances, and the user will experience withdrawal symptoms when they go without. This is how dependence comes about. Addiction is when you can’t stop using the substance, even if you wanted to. Addiction can be physical, psychological, or a combination of both. Some substances are also more addictive than others and can have serious withdrawal symptoms.


We provide an environment in which our clients are treated with dignity, a haven where they can focus on healing without feeling judged.

Clients are expected to attend one-on-one therapy sessions and group sessions, as well as participate in activities that have been designed to holistically aid healing.


We provide a controlled, safe and structured environment that is conducive to healing. We partner with our clients as they work through the various stages of recovery.

  • Accountability: Accepting accountability and breaking through denial
  • Abstinence: Achieving and maintaining abstinence
  • Physical Recovery: nutrition, exercise and rest
  • Counseling: Individual and interactive group sessions


Treatments are only effective when the client chooses to get well. If a client does not want to continue in the programme, he or she is free to sign out at any time.


Dr. Vic Herbst Ph.D

Managing Director
Health Care and Counselling
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Pastor Elize Herbst

Financial Manager
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Pastor Ella Botha

Pastoral Care
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For more information about the team or other external expertise that works with us. Please contact Dr. Vic Herbst directly for more information via our contact section.

Our therapists, primary healthcare physician, nurses, counsellors and general staff are all highly qualified and fully accredited, according to their specific disciplines.

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